Opel Academy about


Opel ADAM 1.0T JAM

The Opel Adam. It’s a Gamechanger – a trendy city car you can personalise.


Opel Corsa 1.0T Cosmo

The New OH! Performance and efficiency in one spacious and sporty package.

Opel Astra Hatch 1.6T Sport

The Opel Astra Hatchback features a fresh design and state-of-the-art powerhouse engine.





Opel Astra OPC 2.0T

The Opel Astra OPC is an expression of pure passion for power and speed. Experience the Opel Astra OPC: a powerful machine guaranteed to turn heads.



Opel Mokka X

The Opel Mokka. For a go-anywhere lifestyle. What’s your next Mokka Moment?





It’s time to take your driving skills to the next level and get your Advanced Driving Accredited certificate.




*Courses may vary slightly depending on the track’s facilities.