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    Opel Approved Body Repairer.

    Stone chips, hail, scratches and little dents – yes, they are aggravating, but the good news is you can give back your Opel its good looks. Opel Smart Repair is our fast, cost-effective, and simple way to fix minor damages.


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The simple way to fix your car.


Spot repair

Minor damages to the vehicle body, scratches when parking the car – they do occur sometimes. But thanks to our innovative paint spray technique, we can quickly repair larger spots of damaged body paint. The localized paint repair is flexible, timesaving, and cost-effective.


Paintless dent removal

At Opel we can’t predict the weather. Sometimes it hails, sometimes it doesn’t. But we can provide a paintelss dent removal that gets rid of small dents – such as hail damages – from your car’s body without the need to do any paintwork at all.


Plastic part repair

Small damages such as cracks to your car’s plastic parts can be fixed without replacing them, providing you as an Opel owner with a cost-effective solution. When it comes to stability, function, and appearance, professionally repaired plastic parts are comparable to new parts.