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New Opel ADAM ROCKS - Good to Know

Urban chic country style.

Small is brilliant. Viewed from any angle, the rugged, stylish and functionally friendly new Opel ADAM ROCKS is multi-talented.


Exterior design

The new Opel ADAM ROCKS challenges existing preconceptions. The designers have taken the essence of a cross-over and made it chic. It is not as pricey and heavy on fuel as you might think for a car in its class. The ADAM ROCKS keeps the original charm of the ADAM, along with its original size and tiny thirst.


True, it has gained muscle and height, but that just adds another level of individuality. From the front, the Opel grille is matt black adding a touch of drama, with chrome highlights like the logo bar and boomerang elements of the indicators. The broad stance has gained a new muscular form from the additional protection – but the defining contours of the front and rear remains.


The clear lines of the black SwingTop canvas roof, accentuated by the stylish chrome and integrated spoiler are eye-catching and dynamic.


From the rear the wide stance has been emphasised but the original lines remain fresh. The waistline remains impressive as do the light clusters. The new Opel ADAM ROCKS is not a small car trying to look big – it’s the fresh appeal of form flowing from function into fun.


Interior design

Inside the new Opel ADAM ROCKS the ambience blends trailblazing practicality with classical touches. The instrument cluster is subtly redesigned and features the new Opel ADAM ROCKS logo, whilst aluminium pedals add to its sporty vibe.


The interior features the trendy ‘Superheroes’ black cloth trimmed seats. The standard leather steering wheel and trim for the handbrake and gear lever are black.


As you may well know, personalisation can be taken as far as you want. Almost the whole catalogue of ADAM wheel clips, logo bars, side mirror covers, rear-view mirror covers and decals, is literally yours to command – so it’s very likely that no ADAM ROCKS will ever be identical.


Sunshine, fresh air and fitness.

Who wants to feel closed in? The SwingTop canvas roof is opened in just a few seconds. Just reach up, press the button and electricity takes over. In just 5 seconds it has folded right back to the C-pillars.


Enjoy the great wide open cabriolet feeling secure in the knowledge that the SwingTop doesn’t alter the structural strength or rigidity one little bit. It doesn’t even reduce the hatchback opening. So the new Opel ADAM ROCKS keeps all the easy loading abilities of the ADAM.


Then when the weather, or your mood changes, just press again to close.