Opel ADAM - Design


The Opel ADAM combines bold, iconic design and pure individuality, making it as stylishly unique as the people who drive it.


Exterior design

The Opel ADAM is one of our best small vehicles ever built. At just under 3.7 meters long and 1.72 meters wide, it not only looks dynamic – it is. The small size makes parking easier than ever before while the broad stance delivers the perfect urban driving experience.


The two-tone floating roof makes a massive statement. High-gloss black elements visually detach the roof from the body and the roof graphic creates a large span of wrap around glass – giving the ADAM a unique, active look that matches your lifestyle.


From its sleek, sculptured lines to its superior driving ability and exceptional technological innovations, it is the epitome of what Opel stands for. Its bold silhouette comes from the short hood, upright windscreen, chop-top inspired roof line and forward-reaching rear. It also features a lower-positioned, single-trapezoid grille that accentuates the ADAM’s low and wide impression. A chrome applique underscores the distinct window graphic and the body side design conveys athleticism and precision. This is enhanced by the ‘blade’ feature in the lower door and the door handle pocket and swage line that connects to the tail lamps. The ADAM badge is perfectly positioned on the fixed side glass that seamlessly flows into the rear window, neatly fitting between roof and body and making it highly visible from most angles.


The turn indicators in the bumper have allowed for neat and tightly packaged headlamps. These rounded elements are visually linked to the grille by the horizontal edge that runs across the car. The bezels of the indicators are available in grained and high-gloss painted versions with chrome inlays.


Seen from behind, the ADAM has definite muscle and stance. This is reflected in the bulging fenders and wide positioned tail lamp clusters. Following the same philosophy, the headlamps have high-gloss housings and a chrome feature that enhances the ‘wing’ signature Daytime Running Lights. The broad stance and wide wheelbase perfectly balance the height, giving a distinct impression of both design quality and stability. Similar to the Astra GTC, the ADAM has a touch pad behind the logo to access the boot – this not only simplifies the design of the rear, but adds to the bold, fresh flair that the ADAM boasts.


Interior design

Sculptural artistry meets German precision detailing in the interior as much as it does on the exterior. Step inside and experience a style like no other. With a choice of 10 [MS1]dashboard insert colours, patterns and textures; the Opel ADAM is yours for the making.



The soft bulges around the vents give the ADAM some muscle. The two-tone accent colour matches the seats and wraps from the lower instrument panel into the door trims, visually widening the cabin and giving it a roomy feeling. The door trims are foam padded under soft fabrics and vinyl and the round, mechanical, clock-style instruments and chrome-beveled switches give the ADAM sporty precision. Add to that chrome tubes with funky red, backlit pointers and coronas.


The 3-dimensionally sculpted steering wheel has an small packaged airbag cover, making it great to grab… and look at. The matt-chromed décor bezel seems to hold the precision switches powerfully in place.


The ADAM boasts 3 inside areas with large, high quality decoration panels. The upper instrument panel, the doors and the center console are trimmed in the exterior colour or clad in printed and textured décor foils that match the car’s fabrics. The choice is yours.


GLAM models come standard with either a Sunroof or 64 Starz Headliner which features 64 LED lights, creating a totally unexpected outdoor effect that can be switched on and off or dimmed via a roof mounted button. So take in the light or enjoy a starry night, it’s up to you.