Opel Mokka - Design

Self-confident.  Modern. Elegant.

The Opel Mokka has successfully taken the Opel design language to create a look that is uniquely its own. It conveys a powerful stance on or off road. While it’s rugged sense of style is as self-confident as you are. Experience that Mokka moment when you can’t help but take a second look at the new Opel Mokka’s elegantly sculpted sides, rear styling and 18” alloy wheels.

Opel Mokka - Design Enlarge

Exterior design

Seen from the front the attraction is immediate. The frontal styling with the distinctive grille, wrap-around headlights, lower trim and steeply raked windscreen speak to the Opel Mokka’s aerodynamic design philosophy. The athletic, sporty appearance continues with elegantly sculpted sides that draw your attention to the the generous height and width of the doors. The short overhangs and business-like wheel arches show off the Opel Mokka’s rugged capabilities.


The rear view is functional and stylish. The sporty, curved, wrap around rear window adds to the aerodynamics of its sleek form. The Opel Mokka wears the Opel Blitz high and proudly, packing all the rugged style of a full sized SUV into a compact drive. This is a vehicle you’ll instinctively want the keys to.

Opel Mokka - Design Enlarge

Interior design

True greatness comes from within. The interior of the Opel Mokka is an impressive feat. Quality and comfort is strongly showcased in the interior design and storage concept of the Opel Mokka. Perfect ergonomics, an elaborate cockpit and strikingly beautiful ambient lighting, give it a spacious and inviting feel.


While the high mounted supportive seats, easy access controls and premium feel of the trim offer a friendly and mutedly modern design. For the convenience of storage space the rear seat folds down when you need it. Getting the little ones into their car seats is made so much easier with the Opel Mokka’s high and wide opening doors.


From the chrome detailing to the generous sized air vents and “sweeping” design of the dashboard, everything has a solid look and feel of durability.