Opel Mokka - Safety and Driver Assistance

Safe and innovative

The Opel Mokka boasts many pioneering technical innovations that keep it far ahead of the pack. The rear view camera enhances parking safety and makes manoeuvring into those tight spots a breeze. The Opel Mokka also provides outstanding control and road holding in any weather condition.


Safetec ® Security System

The Opel Mokka has an extraordinary body structure. At its heart is the Safetec ® Security System that is an active and passive safety system that allows for maximum security in any accident situation. The sturdy frame of the Opel Mokka incorporates side impact protection and impact absorbent bumper systems for the least possible damage in the event of a collision.

In frontal collisions the impact is reduced by three pre-defined crumple zones. The front and rear structures are designed to absorb collisions at low speed, so that repair costs are kept down.


Beam assistant for halogen headlights

The high beam assistant i.e. the automatic adjustment of the low is now available for the halogen headlights of the Opel Mokka. The system automatically detects slopes, road contours and monitors the distance of the car in front of you as well as the oncoming traffic, to regulate the low beam accordingly. The result is greater comfort and safety for the driver and passengers.


Rear View Camera

You get more security with the rear view camera in tight parking situations. Your parking skills are greatly enhanced thanks to this device. You get a full view of the parking with the rear-mounted rear view camera monitor.


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Manually monitoring the tyre pressure is a thing of the past. The Opel Mokka’s Tyre Pressure Monitoring System does it all for you. Should you be losing tyre pressure, the driver is alerted by a signal on the instrument panel. You’ll even get an exact display of the pressure on each tyre (Available for the Opel Mokka Cosmo only).