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VISIBILITY IS KEY. First-in-class IntelliLux LED® Matrix Lighting System* allows high-beam visibility without annoying other drivers. Combined with innovative Driver Assistance Systems, the stylish new Astra delivers a safer, stress-free driving experience.


IntelliLux LED® Matrix Lighting System adjust automatically so you can drive on high beam without annoying other drivers.


OPEL puts intelligent technology to work where it counts:

  • Your headlights comprise 16 Separate LED Elements
  • They react to other vehicles by cutting out single LEDs
  • Your high beam is glare-free all the time
  • You enjoy optimum lighting in any situation
  • Driving at night is much safer and stress-free
  • Outstanding reliability ensures maximum longevity
  • Cornering Lights assist in safety enhancement


*Standard on Sport Model.




The 'Opel Eye' Camera System* includes:

  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Following Distance
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Low Speed Collision Mitigation Braking
  • Traffic Sign Recognition


*Standard on Automatic Models

Forward Collision Alert: detects vehicles ahead via radar sensors and automatically applies moderate or hard braking in an emergency.

Following Distance:
measures the distance to the vehicle ahead and warns you if the distance becomes critically narrow.

Lane Keep Assist: acts as an alert by providing gentle steering-wheel pushback if you unintentionally drift out of a lane without indicating.

Low Speed Collision Mitigation Braking:
a technology designed to help the driver mitigate, and in certain situations avoid, especially rear-end collisions at low speed by automatically braking the vehicle.

Traffic Sign Recognition:
this advanced sign-detection system displays speed limits and other traffic signs, as well as recognises LED speed warnings on highways.




Keyless Entry & Start* is a great feature for those who don't have time to search for keys. This feature allows for keyless unlocking and starting of your vehicle.


*Standard on the Automatic Models.


Parking your car is easier with the Astra's new features. The Hands-Free Advanced Park-Assist and Rear-View Camera* assist in detecting open spaces when parking in tight spots, and compute the perfect manoeuvre … hassle-free.


*Standard on Automatic Models