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You want to see and feel the quality of the vehicle you use. That’s why we insist on making every detail of your car perfect in form and function. This is the essence of the new Opel design language expressed in the motto “sculptural artistry meets German precision”.

The new design language builds on a long history of successful Opel design. Opel was the first European automotive company to design and show concept cars, starting with the Experimental GT in 1965. Located in Rüsselsheim, at the very roots of the company, the European Design Center brings together Opel’s three design teams, Exterior, Interior and Advanced, all of which are able to connect with the company’s top engineers to maximize synergies. Some 350 people now work within this growing design function at Rüsselsheim.

At the Exterior Design Studio, innovative ideas become 2D sketches before quickly taking 3D shape in the computers of the alias modelers. Whereas most competitors have the alias modeling team in the engineering department, we have it in design, which is a significant advantage.

The Interior Design studio works closely with the Exterior Design and Engineering teams. It takes care of color and trim, components and the all-round quality and appearance of the cabin.

The Advanced Design Department looks far into the future (more than 4 years). This is where concept car development takes place but it is also where advance design executions are tested. For the example, the Meriva doors were executed in Advanced Design.