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The New OH! from Opel! Start of Campaign for New Corsa

05 Jan 2015

  • Opel creatively continues change your mind approach with new campaign
  • New Corsa surprises with innovations from upper-class segments
  • Jürgen Klopp, Nadja Uhl, Ken Duken and Eva Padberg as brand ambassadors
  • Claudia Schiffer promoting on international stage again

Opel News - Spoilt top model: Eva Padberg shows her charm, sense of humor and appreciation for a heated steering wheel in the commercial for the new Opel Corsa

Rüsselsheim. The launch campaign for the new Opel Corsa shows exactly what surprise sounds like, spotlighting the universally understood “OH!”. Under the direction of André Kemper, an integrated campaign was created with Opel’s international lead agency Scholz & Friends. The communication measures will be rolled out via TV, print, online and social media channels as well as in dealerships. “The new Corsa campaign adds a new chapter to our ‘Change your mind’ movement,” says Tina Müller, CMO Opel Group. “The new Corsa once again proves that it is worth it to take a fresh look at Opel.”


The new Opel Corsa surprises as a small car featuring innovations from upper-class vehicle segments. Regardless of whether it is about premium technologies such as park assist, collision alert or lane departure warning, the Intellilink system for perfect connectivity, the new efficient engines or the emotional design – the reaction to the new Corsa will always be the same: “OH!”. Advertising for the brand’s bestseller started in 30 markets on December 30, 2014 with the slogan “The new Corsa. The new OH!”.

 The initial teaser phase aims to arouse interest in the new Corsa, while the launch phase starting on January 14, 2015 shows exactly what surprises the Corsa has in store. The first phase creates the necessary buzz via widespread billboards, ads and two short TV spots. From January 14, five different 30-second TV commercials shown on all the wide-coverage TV channels featuring Opel brand ambassadors Nadja Uhl, Ken Duken, Jürgen Klopp and the new Opel Corsa will surprise people. German supermodel Eva Padberg, a new addition to the team, uses her charm and humor to express her appreciation of the advantages of a heated steering wheel.

In addition to traditional communication channels, both phases include an extensive online presence, for which Scholz & Friends exclusively developed the campaign site neuesOh.de. The site describes the features of the new Corsa and brings them to life. The surprising productions range from interactive animations to personalized video messages. This makes entertaining and relevant content available via the main channels used by a young target audience that is hard to reach via traditional communication methods.

“The new Corsa is the new, surprising ‘OH!’ from Opel. It wins over everyone who drives it, changing minds along the way,” says André Kemper, Managing Director of André GmbH. “Opel marketing has also changed its online approach. We consistently use the potential of the digital world for the ‘OH!’ campaign. This enables us to communicate surprising information in an exceptional way and to use new means to get people excited about the brand,” says Percy Smend, Executive Board Member, Scholz & Friends Group.


Opel created the campaign in close cooperation with its lead agencies. André Kemper was responsible for the idea and realization in TV and print media. Project management, digital production along with the roll-out in over 30 European markets was overseen by Scholz & Friends. Carat was in charge of media planning and MRM was responsible for online realization. Social media activities by Knallgrau and kpunktnull round off the “OH!” campaign.

Client: Adam Opel AG

Chief Marketing Officer: Tina Müller

Director Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications: Tobias Gubitz

Director Global Media & Digital Marketing: Björn Osterndorff

Head of Brand Management: Tamás Bátor

Assistant Brand Manager Small / Mini: Katrin Hinz

Project Leader Media Planning: Britta Weiser


Agency: ANDRÉ

Managing Director: André Kemper

Creation: Marcell Francke, Tim Belser, Erik Heitmann

Consultancy: Silke Schmitz, Amelie Harich


Agency: Scholz & Friends Hamburg

Executive Board Member: Percy Smend

Managing Director Creation: Wolf Heumann

Managing Director: Christian Ringel

Creation: Willy Kaussen, Oliver Grandt, Christian Fritsche, Dirk Ollmann, Yun-Jung Hwang, Beatriz Carosini, Frauke Müller, Julijus Rebic, Moritz Hettwer, Holger Kohl

Consultancy: Maurits Van der Vegt, Meike Bösche-Scheuing, Jennifer Becker, Marc Prochnow

Strategy: Steve Plesker

Broadcast: Mark Rota

Production: Katja Czok

Art Buying: Kerstin Mende


Development: MRM

Social Media: Knallgrau, kpunktnull

Media: Carat


Photographer: Olaf Hauschulz