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Jürgen Klopp Changes his Club – But Never His Company Car

09 Oct 2015

  • Jürgen Klopp new manager of Liverpool FC
  • Coach stays true to being Opel/Vauxhall brand ambassador
Opel News - Flagship driver: Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann congratulates brand ambassador Jürgen Klopp on his new challenge in Liverpool where his company car will also be an Insignia.

Rüsselsheim/Liverpool. In today’s press conference, Opel/Vauxhall brand ambassador Jürgen Klopp was presented as the new manager of Liverpool FC. Liverpool, 18-time English Champions and 8-time European Cup Winners (5 UEFA Champions League, 3 UEFA Europa League), want to return to former heights with the former Borussia Dortmund coach. After seven seasons as coach with Mainz and Dortmund respectively, Liverpool will be his first post abroad.


“I am really looking forward to this new challenge as Liverpool is a very special club for me. I had planned a much longer break, but the events and happenings over the last two weeks forced me to take action. Then everything happened really fast and from tomorrow on, it is back to full power,” said Jürgen Klopp on his new position.

Opel News - Go to video: #KloppForTheKop - Jürgen Klopp talks about his new club: Liverpool F.C.

New club, new players, new league, new language and driving on the left – there is a lot to get used to in the new environment. Yet one thing will remain the same. The new coach will still be the Opel/Vauxhall international brand ambassador. Also there will be no big problems with adaptability at Liverpool, since Opel’s sister brand Vauxhall is the Official UK Car Partner of the club. Vauxhall also sponsors the four British national teams of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


“We are very happy that our brand ambassador has accepted such a challenging task. We are especially happy that he will still be driving his official company car, the Insignia,” said Opel Group CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann on Jürgen Klopp’s move to England.


Looking back, one could think that Opel already knew about Jürgen Klopp’s plans for some time. In past Opel TV commercials with Jürgen Klopp the cars were almost always black, matching his former club’s colors in Dortmund, but now the new Opel commercials show Jürgen Klopp upsetting the luxury class in a red all-new Astra. He will now target upsetting the leading teams from Manchester and London with the Liverpool “Reds”.