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New Opel Astra – Wellness Oasis Extraordinaire

04 Nov 2015

  • Refreshing: Unique AirWellness aroma system subtly scents cabin
  • Relaxing: Modern infotainment, ergonomic seats and seat heating

Opel News - Fragrance at the touch of a button: Once activated, the AirWellness aroma systems releases the scent into the cabin.

Rüsselsheim. Climb in and feel at home: while the new Opel Astra’s athletic exterior design conveys sportiness and lightness, the interior of the youngest generation of the compact class bestseller is a warm and welcoming personal wellness oasis. Opel went to quite some lengths to create an individual all-round wellness ambience for driver and passengers – including a top-class equipment option: Opel’s own AirWellness aroma system.


“Our unique aroma system is a perfect fit to our quantum-leap Astra. It fills the car with a wonderful scent. For instance, Balancing Green Tea is very relaxing and together with options like the massage seats, creates a completely new driving feeling,” says Opel Chief Marketing Office Tina Müller. “And for those who prefer a more masculine scent, we also offer Energizing Dark Wood.”

Take a break from the daily routine: New Astra makes it easy

Opel News - Two scents: Opel will initially offer Energizing Dark Wood and Balancing Green Tea scent pads for the AirWellness aroma system in the new Astra.

“Take a break from the stressful daily grind for a few minutes. Nowadays, for many drivers their car is one of the few places where they can have a moment all to themselves. Every piece needs to fit together,” says Tina Müller, summarizing the idea for development of the aroma system.


A lot of elements contribute to the wellness experience, including premium wellness seats that feature 18-way adjustment for ideal individual seating comfort and superb back friendliness. Opel’s further developed AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs) certified ergonomic seats now for the first time offer a combination of massage, memory, ventilation and heating functions. And the new Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible IntelliLink systems offer individual entertainment and excellent sound. But an important aspect was still missing for Opel developers for the perfect mix catering to the senses of feeling, seeing, hearing and smelling: the right scent that would increase the sense of well-being in the car.


The AirWellness aroma system developed exclusively for the Astra was the solution. Opel marketing experts, engineers and the French perfume company Azur Fragrances worked on this hand-in-hand for more than one year. Countless sample blends were selected, tested and enhanced over and over until finally two scents were chosen for the new Astra’s aroma system: Balancing Green Tea with a relaxing effect and the refreshing Energizing Dark Wood. The advantage for Astra customers: they don’t have to decide on one scent, they can quickly and easily change the prepared scent pads depending on their mood.


Because while the perfumers were responsible for creating the scents, Opel engineers developed the corresponding system. The aroma system can easily be mounted on the center console with the PowerFlex adaptor (80 euros) and filled with the scent pads. Electrically warmed by five volts, it then releases the fragrance into the cabin. The all-new AirWellness system is available for the attractive price of just 44.90 euros and the scent pads can be purchased in sets of four for 7.99 euros (RRP incl. VAT in Germany).