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German Round of Formula Student: Opel as Partner and Sponsor of Largest University Racing Series in Europe

08 Aug 2016

  • 113 international teams at Hockenheimring from August 9 -14
  • “Opel Style Award“ for especially clever design and packaging solutions
  • University of Stuttgart, KIT Karlsruhe and Hochschule Ravensburg new Opel teams
Opel News - Opel chief juror, Friedhelm Engler (right) during the final of last year’s Opel Style Award

Rüsselsheim.  Opel continues intensifying its activities dedicated to promoting young engineers. After signing a three-year contract as main sponsor of the international educational motorsport competition Formula Student last year, this season Opel will support three additional student racing teams. These are the student teams from Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Ravensburg, who delivered the best arguments for collaboration with their outstanding results in the last years. This grows the number of German teams supported by Opel to nine universities – all in the field at the German round of the Formula Student at the Hockenheimring from August 9 -14, the largest annual student motorsport competition in Europe.

Opel News - The Opel Style Award. The winning team will also receive an Astra as team car for one season

Like last year, the “Opel Style Award” will again be presented at the Hockenheimring. The prize recognizes especially clever design and packaging solutions, and thereby builds a bridge to these traditional Opel strengths. The winning team can look forward to enjoying a brand-new, fully-equipped Opel Astra as team vehicle for a whole Formula Student season.

Opel News - The transatlantic team from Ravensburg, Germany and Corvallis/Oregon, U.S.A. during final preparations at the Opel Test Center

The special appeal of the student competition is that the university teams are responsible for the entire process chain, just like automobile manufacturers. This is to be demonstrated in various tests at the Hockenheimring. Approval of the design follows stringent, professional regulations. All those who clear this “scrutineering” hurdle then face tough comparisons in terms of acceleration, braking and handling. The driving tests culminate in the endurance test on Sunday, when the racing machines again have to go to the limits of their performance on a real Grand Prix track. Presentations of the business plans round off the agenda of a complete development, production, marketing and sales plan within a timeframe of just a few months. The competition takes place under the auspices of the Association of German Engineers VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure).

Opel News - Formula Student racing cars make their way to the dynamic tests at the Hockenheim German Grand Prix circuit

Last year, the tenth season of Formula Student brought around 4,000 students from 25 countries to the Hockenheimring. There they were cheered on by 8,000 spectators – a record year for the student racing series competition that features the two categories combustion engines and electric propulsion. Support of Formula Student also has a long tradition at Opel’s parent company General Motors. In addition to General Motors’ overall engagement within the Formula SAE, particularly its collaboration with the home team from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is of special note. As the teams supported by GM and Opel maintain close contact and assist one another, the Opel Blitz shines next to the GM logo on the hoods of many US racing cars. The number of teams Opel supports in the international group for Hockenheim has also increased considerably. A special mention is deserved by the Global Formula Racing Team from Oregon State University Corvallis: under the motto “two nations, one team” the students from Ravensburg work hand in hand with their American colleagues here – and are number one on the world ranking list with this approach!

The Opel teams in the Formula Student:


TU DART Racing (TU Darmstadt) - http://dart-racing.de
Scuderia Mensa (Hochschule Rhein-Main) - http://www.scuderia-mensa.de

HAWKS Racing (Hochschule Hamburg) - www.hawksracing.de

Fast Forest (TH Deggendorf) - http://www.fast-forest.de
KaRaT Racing (TU Kaiserslautern) - http://www.karat-racing.de/

THM Motorsport (TH Mittelhessen Gießen) - http://www.thm.de/motorsport/racing/

Rennteam Stuttgart (Universität Stuttgart) - http://www.rennteam-stuttgart.de

KA-RaceIng (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT) www.ka-raceing.de

Global Formula Racing - Germany (DHBW Ravensburg) http://www.global-formula-racing.com/


US teams:

University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

CSU California in Pomona

University Washington in Seattle

Michigan State University

Auburn University

Global Formula Racing – USA (Oregon State University Corvallis)



Monash Motorsport Clayton