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Three Years on Twitter: Opel Boss Dr. Neumann is the Digital CEO

01 Aug 2016

  • July 31, 2013: Dr. Neumann becomes first CEO of a European carmaker to tweet
  •   Social media CEO: He reaches more than three million people per year on Twitter
  • Next step: Sporting endeavors to be shared on Instagram

Opel News - Three years on twitter: Dr. Neumann becomes first CEO of a European carmaker to tweet

Rüsselsheim. “Hello world, I tweet here as #Opel/#Vauxhall CEO on the biggest #Comeback in the automotive industry /KTN” was the first tweet by Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, published only after a few months at Opel’s helm. It made him the first “digital CEO” of a European carmaker. With this approach, the new CEO made it quite clear that communication tailored to the target group is a key element for success. Neumann also filled the Opel value “approachability” and the term “modern organizational structure” with life with this innovative method.


The digital CEO’s short messages on @KT_Neumann reach more than three million people every year. He is also active on other social media channels such as LinkedIn, YouTube and XING and his number of followers is growing daily. But that is not all. Users can now get to know a new side to Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann with the 55-year-old preparing to share private insights on Instagram. He will share impressions of his sporting endeavors on the mountain bike, in a sailing boat, in classic Opel cars or in his running shoes.


“Twitter provided the initial impulse for Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann’s social media presence,” said Johan Willems, Vice President Communications at Opel. “He shows exactly how important addressing various target audiences via the right channel and collecting them there really is. Our digital CEO also proves that we take approachability very serious: Our customers are at the center of everything we do.”


Neumann, a member of the exclusive Influencer program on LinkedIn with only 500 members across the globe, has been giving valuable insights into industry trends, personnel topics and his motivation as Opel CEO on the platform for a few months already and around 9,000 people already read his monthly contributions in German, English and French. Furthermore, he recently accepted the invitation from XING where he passes on his knowledge as an Industry Insider. More than ten million German-speaking professionals can thus profit from his expertise.


Elsewhere, Dr. Neumann reaches out to an even broader audience with his YouTube videocast – in the meantime, the Opel CEO’s 38th message can be viewed online. Even more news on the latest products and developments within the company are posted regularly on further social media channels such as the Opel-Blog and Facebook.