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Opel and Facebook: OnStar Video Campaign Sets New Standards

12 Sep 2016

Opel News - Opel OnStar campaign sets standards: Opel CMO Tina Müller (left) and Facebook Germany supremo Marianne Bullwinkel took a completely new approach for the introduction of the connectivity and service assistant on Facebook

Hamburg/Rüsselsheim.  Opel took a new direction with the introduction of the Opel OnStar personal connectivity and service assistant, and together with Facebook realized a successful video campaign under the motto “Mobile First”. The joint campaign set new standards in the automotive industry.


“The smartphone is at the center of modern living. In times of increasing digitalization, marketing experts must rethink their media planning and campaign design. We achieved that successfully with Facebook. New campaign ideas are first presented to me on my smartphone, because these days it is important that advertising works on the small screen”, says Opel Chief Marketing Officer, Tina Müller.


Together with Facebook, Opel developed a highly personalized, multi-part mobile video campaign. Various target groups were defined by behavior and interests, not just the usual demographics. Opel thus ensured that the various user groups were targeted with the OnStar advantages that met their individual needs. The new approach was a success. Seventeen percent of the campaign effectiveness was achieved with only seven percent of the planned media budget. The campaign reached 12 million people – around 90 percent of the German population over 18 years of age on Facebook and even 97 percent of the relevant target group. The campaign also managed to positively influence Opel’s brand image, which climbed by up to 30 percent during the six-week campaign period.


In close cooperation with Facebook, Opel optimized the individual video films for modern media use. The excitement is there from the first second onward, instead of building up gradually as in conventional TV commercials. The spots also work without sound, through the use of sub-titles. In the news feed many people watch videos first without sound.


Marianne Bullwinkel, the boss of Facebook Germany: “The figures are impressive proof of how efficient and effective advertising on Facebook is. Opel took the lead here, together with us, and brought the principle ‘Mobile First’ to life. This success is the result of an excellent cooperation over many years.”


Currently every second new Opel delivered features OnStar, which makes driving more convenient and ensures optimum connectivity. Featuring friendly advisors instead of machines, Opel’s “guardian angel” not only automatically responds to crashes and helps locate stolen vehicles – Opel OnStar also remotely locks or unlocks doors, downloads driving routes directly to the vehicle and sends emails on vehicle health. Subject to the market, an additional 4G/LTE Wi-Fi hotspot is optionally available.


“OnStar is a fantastic but also complex product. It therefore requires some explanations to make the customer familiar with the advantages of our personal connectivity and service assistant”, says Opel CMO, Tina Müller. “That is why the introduction campaign needed a new and innovative approach, which immediately reaches people on their smartphones.”