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Roadtrip in New Opel Zafira: The Perfect Photo was taken in Barcelona

21 Sep 2016

  • Trip in the “lounge on wheels shared with one million fans“ on instagram
  • Photographer from Barcelona took picture with the most likes
Opel News - #ConnectedRoadTrip: The new Opel Zafira shines in front of the world-famous Sacré-Cœur in Paris

Rüsselsheim.  The #ConnectedRoadTrip taken by the two instagrammers Ana Sampaio Barros and Marco Gaggio in the new Opel Zafira was a huge success. During the course of their journey from Frankfurt to Barcelona, they reached around one million fans over the online photo service. The accounts @anasbarros, @neumarc and @opel chalked up a total of nearly 1.5 million impressions during the trip. The campaign posts collected more than 209,000 likes. User @pruegl, for instance, commented on a picture taken by Ana in Barcelona: “I love it. I think this is the best trip I’ve seen on Instagram – so diverse with so many interesting people. Congratulations!” The best picture with over 12,200 likes was taken by Oliver Vegas alias @ovunno. The freelance photographer from Barcelona whisked Ana and Marco away to a special spot around one hour outside of his hometown – the perfect place for a romantic sunset picture with the Zafira taking center stage.

Opel News - #ConnectedRoadTrip: Oliver Vegas alias @ovunno took the winning photograph about one hour away from Barcelona

Opel’s new compact van with the Flex7® seating system was always extremely practical and comfortable. Be it in Paris, where the freelance photographer and the architect met local instagrammers for a picnic along the Seine or in Barcelona, where the two took a family who drives a previous Zafira generation for a spin. The sun blinds in the back proved to be particularly useful. They blocked out excess light so the travelers were able to easily edit their photos and texts in the comfort of the Zafira lounge, and then send them around the globe in real time thanks to the mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot1. “I loved the road trip and I’m really happy with all the great pictures. It was an incredible adventure,” said Ana.


This was already the second instagram campaign for the Rüsselsheim automaker. Earlier this year the artist katia_mi spotlighted the Opel GT Concept in her pictures.


1 The Wi-Fi Hotspot requires a contract with the network operator cooperating with OnStar. The Wi-Fi Hotspot is subject to a charge at the end of the test period. Please visit www.opel.de/onstar for details.