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“Ready for the Greatest Time in Life”: New Opel Zafira Campaign Commences

19 Sep 2016

  • Glamorous: German actors Bettina Zimmermann and Kai Wiesinger star
  • Pristine: New Opel Zafira with Flex7®Plus seating system, 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot1 and IntelliLink infotainment system with smartphone projection
  • Humorous: Five light-hearted spots revolving around family life and cars
Opel News - New online ads: In the witty new advertising campaign, Opel brand ambassador, Bettina Zimmermann, Luise Befort, Benjamin Stein and Kai Wiesinger (left to right) put the highlights of the new Opel Zafira center stage

Rüsselsheim.  Family is cool, really cool, and time spent with loved ones is without a doubt the “Greatest time in life”: When you add the new Opel Zafira to the equation things simply can’t get any better. Journeys with the family just cannot be long enough thanks to plenty of room, fast internet connectivity for up to seven users and infotainment systems with smartphone projection. All of which is featured in Opel’s new online digital campaign “Ready for the Greatest Time in Life”. Opel brand ambassador Bettina Zimmermann, her spouse Kai Wiesinger and the kids played by Luise Befort and Benjamin Stein star alongside the impressive compact van – the new Zafira. The quartet of actors works together on a regular basis as they make up the cast of the German comedy web series “Der Lack ist ab” (The glamour has gone).

Opel News - New Zafira campaign: The strengths of the new Opel Zafira are the focus of the five witty new ads

The perfect car to meet the demands of a modern family has a versatile interior with enough room for up to seven passengers (Flex7®Plus seating system), a Wi-Fi Hotspot to stream music and videos, as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible infotainment systems for outstanding smartphone projection. Summed up in one word: Zafira. The virtues of the new compact van are at the center of the five light-hearted spots. In one spot, the kids film their parents singing along to “La Bamba” and immediately upload the video via the fast internet connection provided by Opel OnStar – how embarrassing. In another one, the daughter smuggles a cat back home from the family vacation in Spain. Her reasoning when confronted by her father is impeccable: “We had plenty of seats free.”

Opel News - On the set: Kai Wiesinger during filming of the new Zafira campaign

“Our campaign held in the successful style of the web series ‘Der Lack ist ab’ highlights the innovations of the Zafira in a entertaining and humorous way. The Zafira is the car for family time: Versatile and a perfect companion thanks to OnStar with its Wi-Fi Hotspot and round the clock emergency service,” said Opel CMO Tina Müller.


The campaign “Ready for the Greatest Time in Life” was created under the lead of Scholz & Friends Hamburg in cooperation with regular Opel agencies. The five spots, each around 30 seconds in length, were shot in Slovenia in July and can be viewed on Opel’s digital and social media channels as of September 19. Print ads will be used additionally. Parenthood rocks! The campaign will initially start in Germany before being rolled out in other European markets.