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Short Clips for Fans: Mainz 05 Players Tackle the Opel Challenge

23 Nov 2016

  • Targeted approach: Excite the football community
  • Incentive: Increase the online traffic of the Bundesliga outfit with exciting competition

Opel News - Skillful on the ball and behind the wheel? Mainz 05 players Stefan Bell (left) and Nico Bungert face the Opel Challenge

Rüsselsheim. The professionals under contract with 1. FSV Mainz 05 can play football but how well can they handle cars from Rüsselsheim? Eight of the Bundesliga outfit’s players have now put their skills to the test in the Opel Challenge. The first videos of the entertaining challenges can now be seen on Facebook, Youtube and the homepage of 1. FSV Mainz 05. Opel and Mainz wanted to excite their social media users and reach new target audiences with this unusual marketing campaign. In addition, watching the videos is definitely worth it because, with a bit of luck, four special Opel moments can be won.

Challenges that pushed the players to their limits while entertaining the fans

Eight players of Opel’s partner club faced the challenges, those being Jairo Samperio, Jhon Cordoba, Alexander Hack, Gerrit Holtmann, Giulio Donati, Gaetan Bussman, Stefan Bell and captain Nico Bungert. In total, they had to complete three challenges that, at times, had them working up a real sweat.


  • Challenge 1 – the obstacle course: The Opel MOKKA X is well-equipped for off-road terrain but what about the Mainz 05 players? This was tested on a specially prepared course with poles and balls. Penalty seconds were awarded if the compact SUV touched the poles or knocked the balls off an obstacle.
  • Challenge 2 – the Astra penalty shootout: The players had to reverse the car into a ball using the rear view camera and obviously score a goal. Each successful attempt led to two penalty seconds being deducted from the players’ times.
  • Challenge 3 – parking: Quickly reversing an Opel Astra into a parking spot with the help of Advanced Park Assist shouldn’t really be a problem. The final times, including all penalties and time credits, were added up at the end of the third challenge to determine the final times.


The videos will be posted gradually on all Mainz 05 and Opel online platforms – Facebook, Youtube, website, Instagram – as of today. The campaign will run until mid-March 2017. Fans and users also have the chance to spend some unforgettable moments with their Bundesliga heroes if they win one of the four Opel moments. For example, participants will take on Jairo Samperio and Giulio Donati in a game of skill for the chance of winning VIP tickets for the Opel lounge. There is even a trip to Mainz’ winter training camp – including flight, overnight stay in the team hotel, meet and greet with the players and attendance of a friendly – up for grabs.