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After Successful Launch, Opel OnStar Expands into 18 New Markets

10 Nov 2016

  • First birthday: Over 5.5 million customer-interactions since 2015 launch
  • Popular feature: Every second new Opel delivered comes with OnStar
  • “Guardian angel”: Responds automatically to crashes and helps find stolen cars

Opel News - Off to new horizons: OnStar, Opel’s personal connectivity and service assistant, is expanding into 18 additional markets

Rüsselsheim. One year after launching in Europe, Opel OnStar is now expanded into 18 additional markets. The innovative personal connectivity and service assistant will become available in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden. Opel offers the unique service (availability of individual functions subject to model and variant) in 19 languages. Also, the roll-out of the Wi-Fi hotspot service continues, with Austria, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Portugal and Romania joining existing markets (Germany, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom).


Since August 2015, Opel OnStar has recorded more than 5.5 million interactions with customers who make contact by phone, smartphone app, the OnStar website or the blue OnStar service button. Through October 2016, Opel OnStar received around 880,000 calls from customers and sent 830,000 monthly vehicle diagnostics emails. On the internet, customers logged into the dedicated Opel OnStar web portal more than 1,000,000 times and launched the app more than 3.1 million times. Currently every second new Opel delivered features OnStar.


“The large number of interactions since the launch demonstrates how much customers appreciate the peace of mind and convenience that Opel OnStar adds to the driving experience,” said Opel CMO Tina Müller. “We are thrilled about bringing the benefits of our personal connectivity and service assistant to new customers in several countries all across Europe.”

Opel News - 24/7 availability: Opel OnStar advisors can be contacted around the clock at the touch of a button

Opel OnStar is popular with media as well as with customers. The most recent additions to a series of awards from across Europe include the “Connectivity Award 2016” with the Mokka from AutoBild Allrad in Germany and the Spanish Ponle Freno award for innovation in road safety.


Opel OnStar connects customers to a competent advisor – not to a machine. Eulalia Serrano, for example, was involved in a collision with another car. Vehicle sensors in her Zafira automatically alerted a specially-trained OnStar advisor who notified the emergency services and kept her company via the hands-free speakerphone in the car.


Opel OnStar not only automatically responds to crashes and helps locate stolen vehicles – the personal connectivity and service assistant also remotely locks or unlocks doors, downloads driving routes directly to the factory-installed navigation system and sends emails on vehicle health. Subject to the market, an additional 4G/LTE Wi-Fi hotspot1 is optionally available.


The most popular service – with about 3.1 million launches – is the myOpel smartphone app, which users can download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store respectively. The app’s most frequently used features so far are remote locking/unlocking of doors, online vehicle location and honking the vehicle’s horn and flashing the lights. Customers can also call up important data such as oil life or tire pressures, send destinations to the in-car navigation system (if installed) and manage the additional Wi-Fi1 hotspot, which allows up to seven devices to connect to the vehicle.


Via OnStar and the myOpel app, drivers can conveniently program their car’s onboard navigation system from their smartphone. They simply enter the destination on their phone or select it from the address book and send it to their car at the push of a button. Separately, drivers can now add useful comments to the Vehicle Location function, and even a photo, to help them find the car again. In order to avoid parking fines, myOpel users can set a timer to remind them when the parking time expires.

Opel News - 24/7 availability: Opel OnStar advisors can be contacted around the clock at the touch of a button

Opel OnStar additionally assists vehicle owners and police in case a vehicle with the system is stolen. Stolen Vehicle Assistance enables Opel OnStar to work closely with police to recover the car quickly and safely and return it to its rightful owner. Ignition Block allows Opel OnStar to send a remote signal to the vehicle that prevents the engine from starting once it has been reported stolen.


Opel OnStar is optional or part of the standard equipment with selected trim levels on all Opel passenger cars. Usage of the service is free of charge during the first 12 months, followed by an annual subscription fee (€99.50 in Germany). Subject to availability, the Wi-Fi hotspot1 service can be tested free of charge for up to three months or 3 GB of data volume usage.

1 Wi-Fi, when it becomes available, will require OnStar to be activated. Wi-Fi data connection will not be supplied by OnStar. Mobile network operator terms and conditions will apply. Charges will apply after applicable free trial period. Coverage and availability vary by location and conditions.