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100,000 Orders Already: Opel Mokka X Continues Success Story

15 Dec 2016

Opel News - Bestseller: Orders for the new Opel Mokka X have already reached 100,000 making it one of the most important cars in the company’s portfolio

Rüsselsheim. Only around six months after the orders books for the new Opel Mokka X opened, the sub-compact SUV (Sporty Utility Vehicle) has lived up to its reputation of being a guarantee for success. Across Europe 100,000 customers have ordered the meanwhile third most important model in the Opel line-up.


The Mokka X could be ordered in the first European countries at the end of May. In September, it gradually made its way to the European dealerships. And, just like its predecessor, it proved to be a big hit. In Germany for example, the Mokka X managed to overtake stiff competition and even claim top spot in highly competitive SUV registration rankings in November. In addition, there is a clear trend visible for the Opel bestseller: More than half of the Mokka X cars are ordered in the highest trim level (“Innovation”).

Opel News - Versatile: Adaptive all-wheel drive makes the new Opel Mokka X the perfect car for all terrains

The Mokka X has helped Opel tap into new customer groups that appreciate an individual character with sophisticated design, powerful propulsion and a unique technology and connectivity offering. While the rugged exterior shows that the car is ready for an off-road adventure, the interior is elegant and comfortable. Technology highlights include the full LED headlights, the ultra-modern Opel Eye front camera along with outstanding infotainment with smartphone projection and the personal connectivity and service assistant Opel OnStar.


“The Mokka is a success story for Opel. We have received 670,000 orders since its market launch at the end of 2012. We really struck a chord with customers at a very early stage with our sub-compact SUV. The new Mokka X ties in with this seamlessly,” said Peter Christian Küspert, Vice President Sales & Aftersales. “And next year we will up the ante even further by launching our new CUVs, the Crossland X and the Grandland X, in this important growth segment.”


The Crossland X and the Grandland X are part of Opel’s major model offensive with 29 new models being launched from 2016 through 2020. No less than seven new vehicles will be launched in 2017 – more than ever before in a single year. The new CUVs (Crossover Utility Vehicle) will compete in a booming segment with the market share of SUVs/CUVs in Europe set to nearly treble from 2007 to 2017.