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AUTOBEST Gala: Awards for Opel Group and Ampera-e

02 Feb 2017

  • ECOBEST: Jury of 31 European journalists votes for Ampera-e
  • COMPANYBEST: Opel Group wins the Corporate category
  • Live in Lisbon: Ulrich Schumacher, head of Opel Personnel, accepts the awards
Opel News - 16th AUTOBEST Gala Doubly awarded: AUTOBEST founder Dan Vardie (left), and Ulrich Schumacher, Vice President HR and Labor Director of the Opel Group

Rüsselsheim. Yesterday evening Ulrich Schumacher, Vice President HR and Labor Director, accepted two international awards on behalf of the Opel Group GmbH. At the 16th AUTOBEST Gala in Lisbon, Portugal, there were two first prize awards for the pioneering Ampera-e electric car and the strong leadership of the Opel Group.


The jury of expert journalists from 31 European countries awarded the Ampera-e the ECOBEST 2016 prize. With its range of more than 500 kilometers (electric range, measured in the New European Driving Cycle in km: > 500 km, provisional figure), the Ampera-e was described by the jury as the “right answer to the challenges of future electric mobility”. The Opel philosophy, “Sculptural Artistry meets German precision”, showed that it applies to the company itself as well as its products. The Opel Group therefore emerged from the field of competitors to win the COMPANYBEST 2016 award.


“COMPANYBEST is possible through the efforts of a highly capable Opel team. We have started to reinvent ourselves. Our 37,000 employees in Europe are making the difference. And with our battery electric Ampera-e, Opel is revolutionizing electro-mobility in Europe. The jury recognized that with its range of more than 500 kilometers it significantly outperforms its segment rivals currently on the road and makes electric mobility fully feasible for every day”, said Schumacher on stage in Lisbon.