Extend Your Coverage

Existing Opel owners, as well as owners who are reaching the end of their coverage period, can also buy Roadside Assistance coverage from any authorised Opel Dealership. Contact your local Opel Dealer or call us to find out more.

The Opel Roadside Assistance Programme includes:

Towing Service or Technical Assistance:

In the event of a vehicle breakdown, we’ll arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the closest Dealership for diagnosis and repairs. Where possible and if repairable at roadside, an Opel Dealership or Roadside Assistance technician will be dispatched to assist you with your vehicle concern.


Courtesy or Alternative Transport

Should the Dealership be unable to diagnose and repair your car immediately, you will be assisted with alternative transport (Dealer Courtesy Car subject to availability or alternative vehicle as applicable) or a chauffeur lift, either to your home or planned destination as applicable if within 100 km from your home.


Accommodation or Rental Car

Should you be stranded further than 100 km from your home or destination due to your vehicle undergoing unscheduled repairs as a result of breakdown, a FREE rental car will be provided in order for you to complete your destination, or alternatively, suitable FREE overnight accommodation as applicable. The only thing we charge is a deposit for the first tank of fuel - which is fully refunded to you when you return the rental with a full tank.

Other Services and Benefits

  • Safety at Roadside (if you feel unsafe, a security vehicle as available will be dispatched to protect you)
  • Safe overnight storage of vehicles
  • Repatriation of your vehicle to your home/closest Dealer upon completion of repairs (further than 100 km from home)
  • Changing of flat tyres
  • Keys locked in car
  • Fuel Assistance (owner pays for fuel supplied only)
  • Transmission of urgent messages to family members or assistance with directions
  • Information Services (closest Dealer, filling station, vehicle warning systems, tyres)