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Opel OPC. Pure Passion.

Opel Astra OPC - OPC PowerApp
Astra OPC - OPC PowerApp

Opel OPC Models - The OPC Concept

The Opel OPC Philosophy

Discover the extraordinary power of OPC – created for the ultimate performance enthusiast by the specialists at the Opel Performance Centre, to deliver outstanding driving excitement and personal satisfaction. The OPC range embodies the Opel tradition and is the epitome of German engineering, cutting edge design and exemplary handling dynamics.


Whenever you see the OPC logo on an Opel, expect unrivalled performance and superior power.

Opel OPC Models - OPC Models

The Opel OPC Generation

It began in 1999 with the launch of the first-generation Astra OPC. Since then, all OPC models have successfully established themselves as performance-driven and best of all, some of the most affordable sports cars on the market.


Opel OPC puts the excitement back into driving by delivering an overall performance concept using high performance design, advanced engine technology and OPC Line individuality.

Opel OPC Models - OPC Line

OPC Performance

Before taking to the road, all Opel OPC models are pushed to their limits with a 10 000 kilometre test under the harshest conditions on the Nürburgring race track in Germany.


There the OPC engineers bring together a dynamic combination of high performance and Opel precision. World respected partners such as Recaro and Brembo combine with Opel’s own cutting edge engine and chassis technology.


It is a special mixture of excellence. Balanced, tested and proven through the skill, enthusiasm and sheer professionalism of Opel specialists.


Go ahead, take OPC to the limit.

Opel OPC Models - OPC Performance Training

18 years of OPC Worldwide

1997: The Opel Performance Center (OPC) was founded.

1999: Launch of the 1st generation Astra OPC - the limited edition of 3,000 units sold out in four months.

2001: Launch of the 1st generation Zafira OPC - around 12,000 units was sold in the lead up to the facelift in 2005.

2002: Launch of the Astra OPC - available as a three-door and a station wagon.

2004: Launch of the OPC Line programme.


2005: Launch of the 2nd generation Astra OPC and Zafira OPC.

2006: Launch of the Meriva OPC.

2007: Launch of the Corsa OPC.

2008: The limited edition Astra OPC "Nürburgring Edition" was introduced.

2009: Launch of the Insignia OPC - available as a 4/5-door sedan and Sports Tourer.

2011: Launch of the Corsa OPC "Nürburgring Edition" and Insignia OPC Unlimited.

2012: Launch of the 3rd generation Astra OPC - the most powerful Astra ever.

2014: Launch of the 3rd generation Insignia OPC.

2015: Launch of the 3rd generation Corsa OPC.

Opel OPC Models - OPC Collection

OPC in South Africa

In South Africa, Opel is proud of its OPC heritage, having introduced almost every model to its line-up, including the Corsa OPC “Nurburgring Edition”.


The Astra OPC represents the pinnacle of the performance range, the most potent expression of power, style and handling, which you can experience right now.