Mokka X, Crossland X & Grandland X


Uniquely sculptured and invitingly attractive with refined performance and ecoefficiency.

Mokka X

A perfect blend of efficiency and performance.

Grandland X

Best in Class: Opel Grandland X wins Off-Road Award

Opel Crossland X

Own the top-of-the-range Opel Crossland X from R2 999* for the first 18 months!

Opel Grandland X

Own the top-of-the-range Opel Grandland X from R3 999* for the first 18 months!

Everyone Can Walk the Walk! ... If You Drive GSi.

Opel is proud to present South Africa's most expensive sneakers valued at R365 900*. These limited edition Corsa GSi Mesh Bathu shoes are exclusively for Corsa GSi owners only.

Take a New Look at Opel:

  • 5-year/150 000 km warranty.
  • Only start payments in January 2020
  • Only R1 deposit.


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Why Bakkie? When You can Opel Combo Cargo!

From: R319 000* Incl. VAT R277 391* Excl. VAT