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Scheduled inspections, seasonal checks and tyres

Keep your Opel rolling smoothly with the help of our experts

Our vehicles demonstrate high performance as well as top quality. To make sure they stay that way, we recommend all drivers to have their Opel vehicles checked periodically. Especially right before a season change or a longer trip an Opel Service Check is of great value.

Expert Service inspections

Keep your Opel vehicle in peak condition with the help of our service expert.
He knows your vehicle's technology best and is equipped with the latest tooling to ensure high quality repair for a fair price. Visiting an authorized repairer at least once a year raises the resale value.

Vehicle Health Check

With up to 10,000 parts cars are quite complex. In only 12 minutes we perform a visual check all around your vehicle for safety and reliability.
The vehicle health check is free of charge and provides an immediate full status report of your Opel.


An MOT, or Ministry of Transportation test, is an annual inspection that tests your vehicle's safety and exhaust emissions to ensure it's roadworthy.
Your Opel authorized repairer will prepare your Opel for the MOT upfront.

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