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Auto Body Repairs

Auto Body Repairs



If the unthinkable happens and your vehicle is damaged or being involved in an accident, Stellantis South Africa strongly recommends that it be repaired by a Certified / Approved Auto Body Repairer.

Should you sustain accident damage, it is important that it is repaired correctly. Whilst some insurance companies may want you to use repairers recommended by them, the choice is yours. As per the South Africa guidelines it is noted if your vehicle is Insured and is still under warranty the vehicle needs to be repaired at an Approved repairer The better solution is always a OPEL Certified Auto Body Repair.



This will ensure that you continue to receive the benefits of the warranty offered by the OUR Certified / Approved Auto Body Repair Network. In any way, it pays to make sure that the repairs are undertaken by people who are qualified to do so.

Looking after your vehicle involves everything from general maintenance and vehicle care to driving safely and responsibly. Another part of looking after your OPEL - one that you hopefully never have to think of - involves ensuring that only qualified individuals repair your OPEL if it is ever involved in an accident.


A OPEL Certified Auto Body Repair will always have available genuine OPEL and materials that you can insist they use. These parts and materials are the same as those on which your insurance rating and premium were originally based, so your insurer should approve of your choice too.

Only our Certified / Approved Body Repair Network meet OPEL rigorous standards for quality and service - this ensures not only the quality of workmanship guaranteed and the Warranty and Maintenance Plans are retained.



Safety is the starting point for every car designed and manufactured by Stellantis. We are continuously investing on developing technologies ensuring your car will protect you in the unfortunate event of an accident. According to independent research backed by Euro NCAP, OPEL are one of the safest groups of vehicles on the road. Most of our vehicles receive the maximum 5-star Euro NCAP rating.



OPEL Genuine Parts have been developed using in depth research and technology to meet the rigorous requirements enforced at our test centers and laboratories.

Studies have shown the use of non-genuine parts in your car could compromise your safety and that of your passengers so why take the risk?  

The use of non-genuine parts may not only put your safety at risk, but may also invalidate your warranty – why take that risk?

Remember – Only by using OPEL Genuine Parts can you guarantee that the original driving pleasure, technology, quality, and safety of your car remains uncompromised!



Would you expect a car repaired with non- genuine parts to hold the same value as a car repaired with Genuine Parts?

If you buy or sell a vehicle, you want to be guaranteed that the vehicle is as safe as new. By using OPEL Genuine Parts, we are positive your vehicle is the closest it is going to get to the original condition.

The use of non-genuine parts could compromise your investment – why take that risk?

Furthermore, the use of a non-approved body shop could compromise your vehicle's Warranty and Maintenance Plan. All important factors to consider when making your repairer choice.


  • Car Care (Warranty and Maintained booklet)
    This information is supplied as general guidelines for the common maintenance of your car. Please refer to your Owner's Manual for information specific to your make and model and please do not attempt any maintenance that could affect your warranty.