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Vehicle Health Check

Vehicle Health Check

Your Opel has 97 aspects, which are relevant to your car's safety and reliability. it takes our Opel expert only 12 minutes to visually check them and to generate an electronic non-binding safety status report visit your Opel service partner for a free visual check now!

12 minutes of enlightment

The Opel vehicle health check is designed to give you a comprehensive picture of the condition of your Opel.
That way, you can be sure that your vehicle is in a peak condition no matter where you are planning to drive.
Our experienced technicians perform the visual check in 12 minutes and provide an electronic report with details of any findings. You’ll receive a competitive estimate for any work needed, and you are the one to decide what’s going to be done when.  

A simple traffic light system shows you exactly how safe and healthy each part of your vehicle is and any recommended upcoming replacement or repair items.

Red items
This area needs urgent attention. It may be illegal or unsafe to drive your vehicle in this condition. Anything marked red needs repairing urgently.

Amber items
Amber indicates that there’s something wrong. The service advisor will consult you, how urgently this defect needs to be fixed. Catch it before it gets worse and you could also save yourself a lot of time and money.

Green items
Good news. You shouldn’t need to worry about any green items at least until your next service.

Our experienced staff at the dealership will explain the report fully to you, to help you decide what action to take, if any.

Make an appointment for a free visual check in our house and learn about the condition of your vehicle now!